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Home page of Scott Dillery

Welcome to the my home page and to the Mathematics Program at Lindsey Wilson College. I came to Lindsey because of its mission, its intimate atmosphere and its potential to have a large impact on the region. I am in my sixth year as a part of the Mathematics Program. Prior to joining Lindsey, I spent six years in academia, five-and-a-half years in graduate school, six years in industry and consulting and a year in the nonprofit sector. Adding these up, I must be about 25. You can tell from my picture, if I'm right, it's been a really hard 25 years.

Currently, I am co-division chair of Mathematics & Natural Sciences and program chair of Mathematics. My professional goals at the moment are to work toward making mathematics more accessible to all and to aid in creating a culture of numeracy. My academic interests are in numerical approximation and optimization modeling.

We seem to learn better if we feel better, so I also believe a healthy lifestyle and exercise should be lifelong endeavors. I am an advocate for athletics programs as part of the education experience and enjoy participating in paddling events and the Outdoorsman Triathlon.

Please follow the links in the left column if you wish to contact me, learn more about the courses I am teaching, learn more about my professional activities, or learn more about my recreational activities.